Genetic engineering. Good or bad?

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      Do you think it’s a good idea to be able to alter genes and redesign them in the ways that could alter your DNA? Why/Why not? Think about: ethics – risks – benefits – the possibility of abuse.

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      To start with, imagine a world where people can choose their appearence. That itself in science means altering and redesigning genes . It may sound interesting and compelling, but we do not know the consequences of that experiment. For instance when a mother gives birth to her baby, she can also choose if her child will be tall, blonde with blue eyes. Another example is the longevity. Scientists try to discover a way which can help us to live longer. Personally, I am strongly opposed to altering genes. At first, all may be perfect but as the years will pass the overpopulation will grow because of the longivity. Also if we start changing ourselves by making them look like models, all the world will be monotonous.

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      In the future, scientists believe that they are going to be able to change genes and redesign them. But is this really a good idea?
      First of all the change of genes can be helpful with aging. For instance, it will make aging much easier with lots of benefits by increasing longevity. Secondly, that change can also improve the quality of people’s life.
      On the other hand, if people keep their hand in for a while because they want more benefits they might end up losing control of it. For instance, people will exaggerate and they will try to create the perfect baby.
      Finally, I believe that at first, this alteration sounds daunting but it might end up being a gratifying experience with lots of benefits for people.

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      In my opinion, altering genes and redesigning them is not a good idea for many reasons. First of all, this is not healthy for babies. Secondly, there could be risks at birth for the mother and the baby. Also, this could create chronic conditions and may become more serious with the years.
      The idea of changing genes and redesigning has positive aspects also. With this, scientists understand things about fatal or contagious diseases.

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