Our Game rules

Here you will find how we reward our students for playing an active role in our Space platform.

  • We use K.redit points to reward our members.
  • We use Ranks to show which level our members are at.
  • We use badges to show our member-achievements.

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Game points

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Hitec school

How we collect K.redit points

When you register to become a Space member, you get 500 K.redit points! You also get 500 K.redit points each year you are a Space member!

We reward you just for logging in!

You will get 100 Kredit points when you login the first time every day.

For evey blog post you publish you will receive 500 K.redit points. Only 1 blog posts per day is given points, but you can publish as many blog posts as you like!

If you read a blog post you get 50 K.redit points. Be careful, we know if you have read the post or not! You only get rewarded for 1 blog a day!

When you go to My Courses and open a course you get 50 K.redit points! You are limited to 1 per day, so keep coming back every day!

You get 100 K.redit points when you enroll in a course in My Course.

You get 100 K.redit points every time you post on our School Newsfeed. You are limited to 3 a week.

Each time you change your avatar photo you get 50 K.redit points. You are limited to three a week.

Change you cover image and get 100 K.redit points. You are limited to 1 change per week.

For each friend you make you get 100 K.redits. You are limted to 2 friends a day!

For each friend you loose you both lose 100 K.redit points! So don’t lose friends!

Blog post comments are rewarded to you with 100 K.redit points and 100 K.redit points to the author of the blog post. You can only comment on one blog a day! So keep coming back to us!

Be careful! For each comment which is no good or uses wrong language you lose 200 K.redit points!
If you delete a comment you lose 50 K.redit points.

For each ❤️️ you press you get 20 K.redit points. You can ❤️️ all you want but you only get rewarded for the first 3 times you press ❤️️.

If you unlike, you lose 20 K.redits

We love private messages to your friends. If you send a message you get 50 K.redits. Send 3 messages a day. Watch out! they better be in English!

You will get rewarded for completing lessons on My Courses! You get 50 K.redit points for each lesson. Your reward is limited to 2 lessons per day. So use My Courses every day!

We take our discussion board seriously. For evey discussion topic you reply to you get 100 K.redit points. Limited to 1 per day.

What you need to change level



From 0 to 999 K.redit points

Level II

From 1000 to 1999 K.redit points

Level III

From 2000 to 3999 K.redit points

Level IV

From 4000 to 6999 K.redit points

Level V

From 7000 to 9999 K.redit points

Level VI

From 10000 to 14999 K.redit points

Earn your badges and be a proud member!

If you are given any of these badges you get 250 K.redit points too!